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Welcome to MAXX Industries "Rebuilt Exchange Program" page. We are the premier provider of manufactured automotive electronics. We offer a limited supply of rebuild exchange units as an alternative to having your unit repaired. 

How it works is simple. 

  1. Contact us with your request. 
  2. Have part number required (NOTE Vin number may be needed to quote you request)
  3. Place your order (NOTE: Core charge will apply to your total invoice. Core charges will be refunded if core returned meets "Core Refund Requirements*)
  4. We send you your unit, Provide Tracking and Include a FREE shipping return label to return your core.
  5. You Return your core, we refund your core charge. (Core charges will be refunded if core returned meets "Core Refund Requirements*)


We need the CORE back PLEASE!!

Rebuilt exchange units are great.specialwhen we have them returned. We also package your unit in special cut foam packing to prevent any damage to the unit on shipping and return of the core. We absolutely would rather have the core back than having to charge for the core. Not returning a core degrades our ability to continue to offer quality exchange units to everyone. Please note that it is important that when purchasing a "Rebuild Exchange" unit, you return the EXACT same unit in the original shipping box with ALL FOAM PACKING. This means unit must be the same part number. Without the return of the EXACT part number of the unit ordered, a core charge will apply. Core need to be returned with in 30 days from date of invoice or forfeiture of core deposit will occur; noting that forfeiture means NON Refundable core deposit. Units returned must be complete and free from physical damage. unacceptable units are as follows:


  • Units Damaged due to water dirt or other foreign contaminate.
  • Damage from opening unit to remove components
  • Physical damage of any type
  • Units missing parts
  • Units that are not the correct part number returned for core.
  • Unit that are damage due to improper programming
  • Core not returned in the "30 day from date of invoice" time period
  • Must be returned with original shipping box and all foam packing.

Any unit that does not meet the above requirements will be subject to Forfeiture of core deposit charge. 


Our goal is to provide a quality, cost effective, and expedient part solution. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy and save you money!

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